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A Retirement (Pension / Provident / Preservation) Fund Complaint

relates to the way your fund is being run; the investment of fund assets; or application of fund rules or the payment of benefits. Additionally, your complaint may be

(a) that the fund has made a decision it did not have the power to make;

(b) that you have suffered loss as a result of maladministration by the fund. Maladministration includes, but is not limited to, instances where the fund –

  • took too long to perform an action, without good reason;
  • did not take an action that it should have;
  • did not follow its own rules or the law;
  • broke its promises;
  • gave wrong or misleading information;
  • did not make a decision in the correct way; or did not disclose information that it should have disclosed to the complainant.

(c) that a dispute of fact or law has arisen in relation to a fund between the fund and any person or the fund and the complainant; or

(d) that an employer who participates in the fund has not fulfilled its duties in terms of the rules of the fund or the law.